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even though it says vb , we are actaully trying to figure out command line pgp..
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Sara_j_11Author Commented:
basically I am trying to do this:
 pgp –s c:\test.txt –e DOH_PGP_KEY -z "my passphrase sentence" +force
It still asks me the question that prompts me to enter y/n ( are you sure that u want to use this public key y/n)
and then I have to answer y and then it produces the encrypted file for me. But I want to automate that script so that I do not have to go to c: everytime I want to encrypt the file. so I want to bypass that question (y/n). How do I do this? I thoughht the +force would solve the problem...

echo y| pgp –s c:\test.txt –e DOH_PGP_KEY -z "my passphrase sentence" +force

That should do it!  Also, the "y" can be replaced with whatever key you're trying to simulate.

Good luck,
Sara_j_11Author Commented:
do you mean type the above mentioned:
echo y| pgp –s c:\test.txt –e DOH_PGP_KEY -z "my passphrase sentence" +force

in the command prompt.. I tried that , but it does not work... Also what do you mean by : "y" can be replaced with whatever key you're trying to simulate.
does that mean i have to do:
echo DOH_PGP_KEY | pgp –s c:\test.txt –e DOH_PGP_KEY -z "my passphrase sentence" +force
I tried both , but does not work..

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Sara_j_11Author Commented:
it still asks me that question:
WARNING: Because this public key is not certified with a trusted signature , it is not known with high confidence that it actually belongs to DOH_PGP_KEY(email_id)
Are you sure you want to use this public key(y/N)?
At that point if I pick y , it creates the file, but how do i make it accept it by default
Sara_j_11Author Commented:
HOW TO MAKE SURE THAT :  the key is signed/certified ?
Sara_j_11Author Commented:
ok I did the following and now it works in command line..
There are 2 steps that I followed:
1) You should change trust parametesrparameters for someone's public key (pgp -ke)
2) Than you should sign this public key with yours (pgp -ks)

Now if i go to command prompt(C:\Program Files\Network Associates\PGPcmdln) and type
pgp –s test.txt –e DOH_PGP_KEY -z  "mypassphrase"

But I dont want to go to the command prompt every time to type this , insteas I want to create a batch file that I can double clcik.
I opened notepad and typed
cd C:\Program Files\Network Associates\PGPcmdln
pgp –s test.txt –e DOH_PGP_KEY -z  "mypassphrase"

and saved it as batch.bat . But wehn I click on it it does not create the encrypted file , but it works if i do the same thing in the command prompt manually... Can you please help with this?
Sara_j_11Author Commented:
ok I finally got the batch file to work
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