Adding a Windows 2003 Enterprise Server to a Windows 2000 Domain

Hi, what will be the implications, in terms of a windows 2000 domain, to install a windows 2003 server enterprise edition to only run an ISA 2004 Enterprise Edition.

do i need to change anything on the windows 2000 domain?
will the installation of the 2003 enterprise software add anything to my 200 domain?

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ISA 2004 EE uses and ADAM DB for it's policies - do you really need EE?  It's made more for Firewall chaining and policies.  I'm sure you know this, but the cost difference between standard and EE is steep.

If the new server is only a member server then there are no changes.  If you must make it a DC (which BTW is an unsupported configuration for ISA) then you'll be required to extend the schema on the 2000 domain and create a pile of filters on ISA so domain functionality works as expected.  I have my ISA 2004 Std running on a DC because I was challenged to make it work - it does, but it took a lot of tweaking.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I don't know exactly how ISA 2004 will affect your domain, but the 2003 server will have NO EFFECT on your domain.  If you made it a Domain Controller, there WOULD be issues, but as just a member server, it will be "just another client" to the Windows 2000 domain.
eaperezhAuthor Commented:
Our HeadOffice sent us ISA EE and Win2003 EE. So i will install win2003 as a member and not a domain computer.
with ISA I have no choice, that's what they sent to me.
Good deal if you didn't pay for it!

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