Make a Dynamic IP Static for Terminal Server?

How can I use remote desktop for a home client that doesnt want to pay for a static IP address? I heard there are ways to do this? It is an SBC DSL connection.
Thank You.
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indeed this service, which is free with caveats, will fill the need you have.
your computer runs a client and when it determines that your IP address has changed, it updates the website and instantly the hostname you have selected change's it's address in DNS.

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rickparyAuthor Commented:
Ok, so, if I am at a remote location from the pc I am trying to access via remote desktop I must first go to that I created to find out the IP address to use to connect?
And I am reading but cant seem to find what I need to change or load on the host computer?
rickparyAuthor Commented:
Do I need to enter the hostname of the computer in the area asks for a hostname?
Will this work with a router?
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Try it.
rickparyAuthor Commented:
did, not working
brings login screen for router
If you’re just trying to provide support to a client at their home via Remote Desktop, this is what I would do.

Enable remote desktop on the users workstation.
Give the users workstation a static IP on their local network.
Set the users router to forward TCP port 3389 to that static IP.
When the user needs support, have them go to and read you the number.
Enter that number into your Remote Desktop Connection as the IP address of the computer you want to control.
rickparyAuthor Commented:
Well, I was trying to do that but looks like I forgot to give the machina a static ip and forward 3389 to that static IP.
I will try it.
try this will allow a remote connectin over the internet using port 80.

Or try it is free.

Good Luck,
use the from the destination and enter that for your destination address

also make sure you got forwarding 3389 and the listening port if you made it different

Heres a full setup instruction guide for remote connection:
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