Pix 515e failover

I am having problems getting failover to work.

I have One PIX 515e UR and one PIX 515e restricted. Both are running 7.0(1).  I configured the UR PIX and everything is running well for a year now. I purchased a second restricted PIX.  I connected the cable between the two firewalls, then enabled failover on the primary, and then booted up the second pix after cabling everyting.

Did I miss something?  It will not failover.

Output of sh fail on primary

gw1.harborview# sh fail
Failover On
Cable status: Normal
Failover unit Primary
Failover LAN Interface: N/A - Serial-based failover enabled
Unit Poll frequency 1 seconds, holdtime 3 seconds
Interface Poll frequency 15 seconds
Interface Policy 1
Monitored Interfaces 2 of 250 maximum
Last Failover at: 16:23:05 EDT Apr 26 2006
        This host: Primary - Active
                Active time: 1869 (sec)
                Interface outside ( Normal (Waiting)
                Interface inside ( Normal (Waiting)
        Other host: Secondary - Failed
                Active time: 0 (sec)
                Interface outside ( Unknown (Waiting)
                Interface inside ( Unknown (Waiting)

Stateful Failover Logical Update Statistics
        Link : Unconfigured.
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>I have One PIX 515e UR and one PIX 515e restricted
  Sorry, but a PIX with a Restricted license can't be used as a failover partner (neither primary or secondary).  You'd need one that's either got a UR or a FO (Failvoer) license.


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