Using Perl Dev Kit to make perl script a service....

I have a Perl script that I want to convert to a service. If I sent the script to someone could they assist me in adding the right code to compile it as a service? I would paste the script up here but its relatively long. If someone could post just what I need to add to the script that would be great also.
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Kim RyanIT ConsultantCommented:
But srvany.exe is only for windows NT. What about using  Microsoft Management Console. (haven't tried it myself so perhaps this still calls srvany.exe at a lower level)
How do I run a Perl script as a Windows 200x/XP Service?

You can run your Perl scripts as Windows 200x/XP Services by accessing the Microsoft Management Console. The Windows 200x/XP help files contain plenty of information on how to start the MMC and how you can use it for Perl scripts.
Kim RyanIT ConsultantCommented:
Have you looked here? You should be able to run a prer script as a windows servcice without the need for the dev kit.

bneeseAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I don't really want to use the srvany.exe I have read that there are drawbacks to using it. Plus its not that good on Windows 2003 from what I have read. I think using the Perl Dev kit is my best choice. I just need a little help getting started. But thanks for the idea.
Take a look at Roth Consulting's Win32::Daemon (see  You might also take a peek at Win32::Daemon::Simple  

Or, for a completely different way of approaching the issue, you might try FireDaemon (see  This is a wonderful program for running Windows programs as services...
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