Multiple detail sections in Access 2003

How do I get multiple detail sections on a form in Access 2003?  What I am trying to do is expand/contract the form based on user selections.  I was experimenting with this on a subreport, but all it does is provides additional whitespace.  

Anyone know how this can be accomplished in access?  
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Well I know of no way you can add multiple Detail Sections since that's part of the core design of Forms, but you should be able to simulate it with subreports as you have guessed.

I'm not sure what you tried with the subreports, so bear with me if I repeat what you've tried.
I'd start by turning off the page header/footer and report heading/footing so that all you have is a detail section.  Then with that I'd minimize that section to one row with whatever you need to display.  Repeat this step for all of the 'detail' sections you need.

When you embed them in the report shrink them so that nothing but a line shows.  Stack in sequence them as needed (not on top of each other) leaving just a little space between them.  If they are all set to grow when they have data then you can either let them pull their own data based on the report recordsource, or alternately push your own recorsource to each.  

You might also be able to hide/show the particular subreports you need with an event on the OnFormat of the real detail section.

Good luck

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This is unclear. As BPeb said, you basically cannot hack into the system, for both forms and reports you get exactly one detail section per record. You could duplicate records, but that's about it.

I think we need to know what you exacly mean by "multiple detail sections". Let be give you a few examples:

* Additional detail sections on reports

You can simulate those by adding headers and footers for a dummy group on the ID of  the table, or any other unique field or field combination. This can be useful for some tricky formatting problems or code-based conditional layouts -- e.g. selecting one of several possible layouts for each record.

* Additional *space* on reports

During the Format event, it is still possible to change the metrics and the visible properties of the section and of all controls.

* Additional "sections" on a form

If you need to separate a form into different "sections", you can use page breaks. This is how all the control wizards, with [Prev] [Next] [Cancel] [Finish] buttons are created. Each "step" is a page, and you can surf among those pages (DoCmd.GotoPage).

* Optional zone of a report

Dialog boxes with an "Advanced>>" button to show more options in an expanded box use also a page break. The autosize of the form stops at that break, but you can manually increase the window size to reveal more controls...

* Display multiple detail sections at once

This is obtained by the "continuous form" view. Instead of showing one section at a time, several stacked detail sections are displayed, each showing a different record.

As you see, "multiple detail sections" can mean different things...

Care to explain a bit more?
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