Outlook 2003 via VPN/Cisco PIX506e or Outlook RPC via HTTP

Which way will you go. What do I need to look out for other than Hosts, LMHOST, MTU's? Is Outlook via RPC over HTTP really not secure.
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>Is Outlook via RPC over HTTP really not secure.
  Not if it isn't using HTTPS.

If you can't do RPC via HTTPS, then the next easiest would of course be plain old OWA (Outlook Web Access) via HTTPS (encrypted, so it wouldn't require VPN).  But if your users demand that they be able to use Outlook directly, you'll need to go the VPN route; this will entail the remote clients using a workstation that's been joined to your domain, & they'll have to login to their domain account.

>What do I need to look out for...
  If using client VPN access, then your client VPN IP pool ("ip local pool ..." in PIX config) *must* be different than: the LAN(s) behind PIX, & different than any of the LANs where the remote clients will be connecting from, otherwise you'll run into a "routing loop."
  If your PIX isn't already running 6.3(5), I strongly urge you to upgrade if you have current SmartNet on the PIX (regardless of whether you do client VPN or not).  If already running 6.3 series, & implementing client VPN access, be sure to add this to your PIX config:  isakmp nat-t

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