USB Digital TV DVB tuner getting no signal on some channels - UK


I recently bought a Freecom USB DVB Digital Freview TV tuner stick.

It seems to pick up all the channels in the scan but I can only get Sky news, sky three, uk tv history, sky sports news and sometimes E4 to tune in properly--(and after a while they sometimes lose signal) and all the other channels are either VERY JUMPY (i believe this is a lack of signal, as the green light (on stick) either flashes or is just orange) or no signal at all (black screen, orange light on stick).

I'm using the large aerial on my house (not the crappy stubby aerial that came with it which couldn't even pick up channels in the scan), and I'm in a pretty much normal area which has no problems with signals.

Do you think this the stick is faulty? I know a few people who have one and have many signal problems with it.

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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
What's the USB Speed type that you have on your computer ...!? If you sure that it's a Hi-Speed USB ...
Try to test it, download this Script on desktop and run to check..

Try to make sure that your TV Tuner drivers are up 2 date... , BTW: when you plug the USB to the computer does it gives you a message of in-compatibility ???

If so then try to check for the latest updates, Goto the following website..

Also my guessing about the stick being damaged might be right, If you have any other machine, connect it to it to see weather it can read it or not..!
Looks like the stick is faulty. The orange light indicates low signal or no-signal which is what you are getting. Is the antenna properly setup? These things are really itchy when it comes to antennas. Try the small antenna that came with it but place it in an open area and see if it performs better. I think that the stick might be bad, lots of people have been complaining abt it.

Also do you have a cell phone tower anywhere near your place or a high intensity signal source? Seen problems due to that also.


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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Opps sorry, i didn't notice that this USB doesn't need a T.V tuner card, anywayz I have found this useful link with some good PAQs..., and I found this on them, It's likely a problem with the antenna that you got..

*Q I have recently purchased the Freecom DVB-T USB Stick and can only recieve 5 channels, do i need an DVB-T antenna to recieve all the channels? I don't have an outside aerial.  
A- The signal strength in your area will dictate whether you are able to recieve pictures on the supplied antenna. We would recommend trying on an external antenna, if that works then it is very likely a problem with signal strength.
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RusalkiAuthor Commented:
Hey guys. I've ordered a booster aerial which also lets me plug my main aerial into it. This should boost it. It seems to be all the low frequencies that have problems with signal, the 474,000 and 478,000 ones. The booster will be here in a few days, i'll keep this thread updated. Cheers.
The booster aerial will do the trick for sure. With that th clarity of your present channels will also improve and you wont loose signal like its happening now. Just make sure the aerial does not come in a shadow zone with large buildings arnd it. Also the green light on the stick shud be lit solid with very few blinks. This can vary from channel to channel even with the booster but all in all shud be fine.

RusalkiAuthor Commented:
It should be here tomorrow. Yeah-- not really around any tall building, just normal houses. It's meant to be 40db boost which i believe is around 13 times boost. It's this one:

It has a aerial INPUT, so i can put my main areal into it too (or do all boosters have this?)

I'll post tomorrow (if it comes.)

No thats the way boosters work. They amplify signals. I am sure you shud be going fine with this one unless your area is in a black spot or something where certain channels are not/cannot be beames whic doesnt seem likely. SO i all chances you shud be cruising along in a day or so.

RusalkiAuthor Commented:

The booster came but the muppets who sent it sent it in one layer of bubble wrap, in a plastic bag! The plastic loop thingy was broken, but the wire underneath seemed intact, but when i used it i was getting even worse reception than the normal aerial alone. Maybe that break was causing the booster not to work...Well I'm just going to be sending it all back to the respective companies. What a fuss!

Thanks for the help.
awww man... why cant these companies do something right.

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