exchange 2003 and resync with a laptop

Hello experts,

I have looked to no avail but I'm new to exchange actually thrown more like it...
but have exchange 2003 users allowed to login and run in cache mode with outlook 2003.
one users  laptop died and used a second computer to get emails.
now the laptop is fixed old computer has past emails and fixed laptop doesn't have
the emails lets say for the last few days????
what i'm doing wrong here?
I have one shot at this but if I uncheck cache mode of the second computer and allow it to
go to the exchange then disconnect.
then reboot the laptop to recache the emails????
thanks again Experts....
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Cached mode should catch up.
However check that the replacement machine wasn't set to deliver email to a personal folder instead of a mailbox.

Use OWA to verify what is really in the mailbox.

phishman1000Author Commented:
thanks for the response

I think on the replacment machine it was sent to the personal folder, does that mean it has to be exported then reimported back onto the laptop?
If it was set to a personal folder, get hold of that PST file and import the contents in to the mailbox. Then connect the original machine and it will download those new items.


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phishman1000Author Commented:
yeah it was sent to the personal and I just exported and reimported to the exchange.
thanks again...:)
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