Is there a way to open Outlook or Outlook Express and prevent instantly retrieving of emails

When you move accounts from one computer to another, you sometimes open O or OE on the old computer to check a setting.   However, that immediately begins a retrieve of email.  Is there a way to prevent this (aside from unplugging from the network)?
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Naser GabajE&P Senior Software SpecialistCommented:
Greetings Tomster2,

Yes, just stop the auto send/receive, from Tools/options/mail setup/ uncheck "send immediatly when connected.

Good Luck!

Greetings, Tomster2 !

If you do not want to change your Send/Receive settings, there is not "Stop" button for Outlook or OE to not check the mail.  But this should not be a big issue, should it unless Oulook takes a long time to cycle through your various accounts.

Best wishes!
Tomster2Author Commented:
Clarification... the problem is the receiving begins immediately... which means the files have to once again be transferred to the new machine because they now have new data.

I am aware of the ability to turn off the retrieving once the program is open, but by then it is too late.   I was wondering if there was a trick like holding shift or some other key when you key the icon to stop the retrieve process until you can get into the program.

In this case, we restored a Ghost image that was made about 10 days ago.  In the interim we changed the email account settings.   As soon as we opened Outlook on the restored image... it began pulling all the emails for the wrong (old) accounts.  
No, there is no shift key to stop the retrieval of emails.  The only way to stop retrieval of emails is turn off Send/Receive in the settings.

In Outlook account, Advanced tab, select Leave a copy of message on server.  This way, if one computer downloads the emails, the other computer can also download the emails.  This works for all POP3 email accounts except Gmail.

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Tomster2Author Commented:
OK, no magic key combo here.

However, if anyone else finds themselves in the same situation, you can

A) disconnect from the network/internet - it will try to retrieve but won't be able to, thus maintaining the data files in their existing state, or

B) If the PC has a software firewall, you can change the firewall settings to block Outlook or Outlook Express from the internet without crawling under your desk for a cable.

You can then disable the retrieve options within the program.
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