Here is the situation, there is a 5 drive raid 5 setup, drive 1 failed and was removed. Everything was fine. Then drive 5 was pulled and put into drive 1 slot. Server would not boot. When we got there we pulled drive 5 from slot 1 and put it backinto slot 5, however the raid would still not boot. The adaptec utility identifys drive 2,3,4, as part of the raid, and drive 1 & 5 missing. (drive 5 is a good drive).
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was this a 5 disk set with disk 5 being a hot spare?
or a raid 5 set with all 5 drives used?
zoomonkeyAuthor Commented:
all 5 drives were being used
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
In that case the array's been trashed !!  A RAID-5 can only sustain the loss of ONE drive.   Once drive 1 failed it needed to be replaced and a rebuild completed before the array could sustain the loss of another drive.   When drive 5 was pulled the array lost a 2nd drive -- that's a catastrophic data-loss situation for a RAID-5 array.   Nothing you can do at this point except rebuild the array and restore the data from a backup.
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You made a HUGE MISTAKE!!!  By changing the drive 5 from slot 5 to slot 1 you fooled the controller into thinking that drive 1 (which had already failed) was replaced but at the same time drive 5 failed.

You MAY be able to get back to where you were by putting drive 5 back where it belongs and FORCING it online in the RAID controller setup.  A RAID 5 array can tolerate the loss of 1 drive but not two.

If I were you I'd be making sure that I have a good backup ready to restore because I think there is a good chance that you're going to need it.

Sorry, didn't mean to step on your comment.  I guess you posted while I was typing...  

Anyway, we agree this is a bad situation!
All hope is not lost, it sounds like you may have just lost the configuration. You need to replace the bad hard drive first. After putting in a new hard drive you need to recreate the array making sure that you have the same bit size as before. Being that it is adaptec it is probably 64k. It is crucial that you do a QUICK INITILIZE. That should restore the raid configuration. Reboot and cross your fingers. If this does not work your only hope is to send it in to data recovery house.

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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
IF drive 5 was written to this is a BAD situation, as I noted above.   If it was not, then there IS a chance the data on the array can be recovered.   DO NOT do anything that may WRITE on any of these disks, or you'll reduce the likelihood of recovery.   I'd do one of two things:

(1)  If there is a good backup and you don't need to be concerned with recovering the contents of the array, then replace the failed drive 1, rebuild the array, and restore from the backups.

(2)  If you need to recover the data, then plug the four good drives into a controller as individual drives (NOT an array); install RAID Reconstructor from (NOT on those disks); and let it analyze the disks -- the free download will show you what it can "see" on the array.   Assuming all's well, buy a license for RAID Reconstructor and it will recover the data for you (you'll need another disk to write the recovered data to.
zoomonkeyAuthor Commented:
New drives will be in tomorrow, will give it a shot.
zoomonkeyAuthor Commented:
Well that did work, we were able to rebuild the configuration & suffered no data loss. Thank you all for your support
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Good -- that means you never actually wrote to drive #5 !!   Fortunate :-)

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