DNS server to answer queries from the hosts file.

I have a DNS sever.
I have some internally used URLs that look like part of a public name space but in fact are not.

i.e. eggster.microsoft.com should resolve to and so on.

if I put this info on a hosts file like: eggster.microsoft.com

on a pc and ping eggster.microsoft.com , it pings

however, how can I get the DNS server to answer queries with this information? i.e. when somebody asks the DNS server the address for eggster.microsoft.com , it should first check the hosts file before checking its own database and answer the query with this local ip.
is this at all possible within windows 2000 or 2003?
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You would have to create a zone "microsoft.com" and put the host record in for "eggster".

The problem with this is that you will no longer be able to go to the real Microsoft site.


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eggster34Author Commented:
yes. that's the obvious solution which I'm not too inclined to do.
alternatively, is there a way to do this with stub zones etc. ? or to say "for any unresolved name for microsoft.com, do a recursive query"?
No.  If any zone gets added to your DNS it'll either be authoritative or forward to the real domain - you can't get selective.

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