Embed Web Page In e-Mail


I am hoping that this can actually be done...

I would like to send an e-mail through lotus notes that has a web page (e.g. http://www.google.com) embedded in it. If this is not possible, then what about a browser being launched and directed to a specified url?

Is this even possible?

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do nothing. putting "http://www.google.com" in the email body will automatically change it to a link. once the link is clicked lotus notes will launch a browser (browser depends on the user's preferred browser set in the location document) and open the said link.
JRatedAuthor Commented:
Thanks cezarF but I think I misstated my question. I would like to embed the actual web page in the e-mail or have the site launch upon openning the e-mail. I am trying to avoid any actual user action such as clicking a link or a hot spot.
however, the launching is not automatic.
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i see. you auto can launch the URL by changing the design of the Memo form

store the url in a field then in the postopen event of the memo form, use @URLOpen(URLField) if the URLfield exists

hope it helps

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Dunno, the web page depends on the user being able to hit the server to get the images.  And the whole idea of sending html email is because you want the pictures and layout to show up.

Now, it can be done, but not with any consistency - on the back end of web pages are javascript and CGI libraries that won't translate when you copy and paste the HTML into the BODY of an email.

The images may or may not appear.

If you don't wrap the embedded HTML in a SINGLE table, it will not format correctly.

If the idea is to send something that won't be blocked by spam programs, then I suggest you print to PDF and send that with the link.  As for as opening emails automatically, eesh... I'm not sure I would do that, unless I had the BEST spyware sniffer and NO Spam coming into my network.

Most everything will block the auto launch of a browser from an email program, heck, the browser complains when it gets a message to close a window..  tryng to auto-launch any browser from an email will certainly set off every firewall and ECL alert.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I tried something with an embedded object that's set to autorun, but I can't quite understand how it should work, and why it doesn't. It might be feasible though. Rather ugly...
YOu can send a HTML email with a iframe holding the URL..hope that makes sense

JRatedAuthor Commented:
So this is looking like it's not possible. Unfortunately I do not have access to change the design of the memo form so I will not be able to try out cesarF's suggestion. I will leave this open for a couple of days to see if anyone else has any ideas. Thanks for the suggestions so far. (FYI, the url is withing our local intranet, so there is no virus or spam risk).
been trying to embed a "Microsoft Web Browser Control" in the body of the email but couldn't make it work. you might want to try other browser related controls. :)
JRatedAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your help. I will close this question out and split the points for the ideas.
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