I'm puzzled with when I need to install JDK, when JRE for a client.

I have a program written, but it seems to be only workable on a PC installed with JDK, not JRE. Can someone tell me why? What could have happened? What I should look out in my code such that I can make it to run only on JRE?

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JDK = Java Development Kit

JRE = Java Runtime Environment

Use JDK To develop applications - it has a compiler (javac)

Use JRE to run applications - it is simply the runtime environment for executing applications and applets.

Some applications such as Apache Tomcat require a JDK to run because Tomcat itself uses the java compiler to compile servlets.
> I have a program written, but it seems to be only workable on a PC installed with JDK, not JRE.

That shouldn't be the case, what problems are you having running it on box with just JRE?
amaiAuthor Commented:
no errors... it just start, and then close by itself... but on the machines that i have JDK installed... it's running fine...
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how are you starting it?
amaiAuthor Commented:
oh... i realized it's not the jdk/jre issue...

it's the way the program is written... i can only run it on the PC that is the server..

amaiAuthor Commented:
oops.. so sorry everyone.. it's because of an error in the config file for connection to the MOM. Thanks for all your efforts!
Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
Though in certain cases you will need a JDK (e.g. if you have an application which compiles some source-code on the fly and loads the newly compiled classes).
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