Setting printer priority

I have three groups of users using one printer.  I have assigned each group different priorities  (group 1 has 99, group 2 has 5, group 3 has 1) by assigning them to different logical printers.  I have group1 who does a lot of printing and needs to have his printouts before the other groups. He has informed me that the other groups' jobs are printing before some of his jobs.  Any ideas as to what may be wrong with my setup?
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It depends on whether jobs are completely received by the printer.  If Group2 sends a job and it reaches the printer's memory first it will print first.

To make priority work, you must map a common print queue off the server then weight the printer object on the PC side.  This way jobs queue on the server and can be sent simultaneously by competing groups and the server's queue will determine the outcome.

If you're printer is modern and has enough RAM you can:
Printer Properties > Advanced > Print Directly to the printer.
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