How do I assign new BSTR string to a _bstr_t that already holds an address without getting a memory leak?

Hi Expert,

I am getting memory leak with my code below.  I just want to assign a new BSTR string to a _bstr_t variable but I'm getting a memory leak report in Rational Purfify from it.  Is the Detatch method a wrong call?  What is the appropriat way to do this?  Thank you.
syUserContextPath is a _bstr_t variable and so is bstrDomainOnly

                  syUserContextPath = L"CN=SymarkGroup,CN=USERS," +  bstrDomainOnly;
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What data type is 'syUserContextPath'?
Can you please elaborate.
Detach is opposed to Attach. This function doesn't release wrapped BSTR, it returns it to caller which is responsible to release it. Try to remove this line, I think operator= takes care about releasing previous content.

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Try doing this:-
BSTR bs = syUserContextPath.Detach();
Now free the bstr called "bs":-

I guess what is happening is that you are not freeing the memory after a call to Detach().

lapuccaAuthor Commented:
As I mentioned in my posting:

syUserContextPath is a _bstr_t variable and so is bstrDomainOnly

It's my understanding that _bstr_t is a smart pointer that it manages its own memory.  I don't think that's an issue.  I just want to assign it a new BSTR string.  I do find that it seems to work that I do a Detach() before I assign the new string, otherwise my program crashes.  I don't know if this is the right way to reasign string to this type of variable.

Thank you.
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