Security Exception Request Failed When Launching An EXE From Web

Hi, I have an ActiveX control written in C# that will have a button. I have this ActiveX control loaded in a HTML. When user clicked on the button, it is supposed to launch his calculator.exe from his computer.

This is part of the code in my ActiveX Control. I have this compiled into a DDL.

      private void button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
                  System.Diagnostics.Process proc = new System.Diagnostics.Process();

I hosted this code on my PC(My own IIS), it gave me the security exception error first. Then I went to configure my .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration and set the Local Intranet Zone to FULL TRUST. I am finally able to open the calculator.exe by just clicking on the button. However, my colleague, on a same LAN, couldn't launch the calculator when i gave him my URL as he keeps getting the SeucrityExeption Request Failed when the button is pressed. He already set the  .NET Framework Configuration to have the Local Intranet Zone set to FULL TRUST. He still couldn't open the Calculator.exe. Please help!
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devsolnsCommented: runs under a network service account which doesnt have permission to do that.

you need to use impersonation, which kind depends on your architecture.  if your using windows authentication then its easy to take the httpcontext identity and have the thread impersonate.  if not then we can still use but you'll just impersonate under some hard coded id.

take a look at my prior post/solution to this.


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Ask your colleague to add your site to the list of intranet sites in his internet explorer.

(Tools -> internet options-> security, select "local intranet" and click the "sites" button)
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