PHP Class constructor question

Hi All,

I have a couple of questions on PHP class constructors.

A. I am building an application under PHP4 and AFAIK when writing the class constructor function in PHP 4, I should give it the same name as the class name. But in PHP5, I should use something like _construct() function. In other words:

class MyClass {
  public function _construct() {
    // instantiate stuff here

class MyClass {
  public function MyClass() {
    // instantiate stuff here

Now my question is if I build the application under PHP4 and I'm going to use it on a server running PHP5, shall I change the construct function in all of my classes or will it work with the PHP4 construct functions?

B. I need to put a code in my class which will be executed once I write:
$ClassObj = &New MyClass;

So is the following code correct?

class DBCls
function DBCls() {

Thanks in advance for your time
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Actually it is __construct in PHP5, that's two underscores.  But other then that you are more or less right.  

In regards to your question, you can leave the constructor as the class name -- PHP5 will support that.  

Here's a test that I did on PHP5 and it worked correctly.


class MyTest
    var $var = 0;
    function MyTest()
        $this->var = 5;

    function get()
        return $this->var;

$t = new MyTest();

print $t->get();


However I would recommend if you have access to PHP5 you actually develop it to PHP5 since it has alot better object support than does PHP4.  Also in PHP5 you don't have to deal with passing the objects by reference, as you do in PHP4, since they are always passed by reference.  Additionally, the exception handling is much better.

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