To disable one certain option of a foreign key in multiple foreign keys in one go.

Sql Server 2000

The following code will give me all foreign key relationship names where I have set the option "enforce relationship for replication"

SELECT OBJECT_NAME(constid) AS [Relationship Name],
    OBJECT_NAME(rkeyid) AS [Primary Key Table],
    OBJECT_NAME(fkeyid) AS [Foreign Key Table]
FROM sysreferences WITH (NOLOCK)
WHERE OBJECTPROPERTY(constid, 'CnstIsNotRepl') = 0

Now, my taks is to go to those relationship area one by one via enterprise manager and unset/untick the option "enforce relationship for replication".

Can a command line / query be generated to make my task a lot lot easier.
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Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I think this is very difficult to achieve, you need to make use of dynamic sql for this..
I think better you go with Enterprise manager
MateenAuthor Commented:
Thanks aneeshattingal

There are may be more than one thousand foreign keys across multiple database.
Simply the previous user / me have the habit to set the replication enforcement option.
While I receive any dynamic sql, I have already started doing it manually.

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