Backing up on or offline.

Hello, I have covered this ground before to some extent and am somewhat wiser now, but am still looking, as it were, for the perfect solution. And one that as a techie dummy I can understand.

I have a ten-year-old system with a small original disk and a much larger, more recent, secondary disk.

Thanks to help here previously I use bootit to make an image of the small disk (C) on the larger disk (D), so that if C died, as I understand it, I could replace C and copy back from D on to the new C everything exactly as it was previously, including programmes. (That is correct isn't it?). I'm told that bootit is as good if not better than Ghost, which I don't understand, in this respect.

However, what I would love to be able to do is back up everything in a single stroke, as it were, on or off the pc itself, on or offline.

I have a problem in that I'm parallel ports, not USB, so cannot, for example, get an external drive, which I believe might be one way of doing this. In any event I currently have a scanner and printer coming out of the pc so don't know how I would add, say, an external drive in any case, unless I could somehow add a USB port to the pc (PCI card?).

In short, is it possible to back-up the whole shebang in, as it were, one move and if so how and where would I do it and if C (or D) suddenly died what would be my next move and how would I boot-up? I'm W98SE, by the way, if that's relevant.

I do hope this makes sense and thank you for reading and, hopefully, offering some assistance.


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Do you have a CD or DVD Burner at all?

If so, you can purchase CD/DVD writer software that allows you to create a set of system boot disks that can be used to restore the COMPLETE system from CD at boot-up.

I would then use an external drive (purchasing a USB card is a good idea) - have you ever thought of upgrading from Win98 SE?

That is now around 8 years old and with Windows Vista around the corner there will have been three new releases of Windows since windows 98.

The upgrade would provide you with better support for backup and USB, as well as being more reliable.

When I switched from Win98 to XP it was the best move I could have made - no more Blue screens and all data lost. Win XP is based on the NT architecture and runs each application in a seperate memory space - if one program crashes you don't loose everything else.

There are also many other advantegs including native CD-Writing, better media support and so on. I would definatley recommend this.

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Nick DennyCommented:
Consider a mirror RAID system (RAID 1).

You will need a pata raid card - go with a quality one like Promise

2 drives (ideally identical)

Data is mirrored across the 2 drives so if 1 fails you have the other. There can be a slight loss in performance but safety is much improved.

There are other combinations but this is simplest and with least equipment.

Have a read here:

This effectively gives you real time backup.

And I would agree with will - consider also changing to XP.


EnnnceeeAuthor Commented:
Bear with me please while I digest this. Will come back soon.


EnnnceeeAuthor Commented:
So sorry it has taken so long to come back.

A bit complex for me Nick, but I'll persevere with it and thank you both for your help.


Nick DennyCommented:
Thnsk. You're welcome.
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