Hi experts,
    I am very new at MATLAB but I am trying to pick a set of periodic and aperiodic signal (can be any signal) and then pass them trhough filters (like ideal low-pass, butterworth filters), and see the output signal and spectra.

but have no idea how to do it.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
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Before you filter your data, you need to interpolate onto an equispaced timebase.
You might do this using something like :
>> samplePeriod = 0.1; %seconds
>> t = [min(waveformAperiodic):samplePeriod:max(waveformAperiodic)]';
>> waveformAperiodicEq = [t,interp1(waveformAperiodic(:,1),waveformAperiodic(:,2),t)];

Then you need choose a time constant for your first order filter and from this calculate a filter coefficient :
>> timeConst = 2; %seconds
>> filterCoeff = exp(-samplePeriod/timeConst);

Then you are ready to filter and then plot your data :
>> waveformAperiodicFiltered = [t, filter((1-filterCoeff ), [1 -filterCoeff ], waveformAperiodicEq(:,2), waveformAperiodicEq(1,2))];
>> plot(waveformAperiodic(:,1), waveformAperiodic(:,2), waveformAperiodicFiltered(:,1), waveformAperiodicFiltered(:,2))

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hsuyfAuthor Commented:
Hi Gordon

thank you very much for your help. Could you please give me a code example like you hlep me in the "amplitude/phase spectra" question? I am thinking about using a .wav file for my aperiodic source (instead of createing it) and pass it through filters (like ideal low-pass, butterworth filters). do you think it would be more easy to do?

I really need have some codes for this project, if you feel some parts (use in different filters) are difficult to do, please let me know. I will divide them into new question.
Hello hsuyf,

The response I gave you above already does contain example Matlab code to achieve what you asked (using Matlab's standard filter function) ... so I am not clear what else you are asking for.

If you need extra information, please could you accept this answer, and then ask a new one ?

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