Using WSH (VB) to add a domain user to local administrator's group under Windows XP/2003


I'm working on a script that I want to be able to run on my admin station and do the following:

- Query user for a domain user account name (service account)
- For each workstation(XP) on a list, add that domain user to the local administrator's group

I've tried:
strComputer = [computer name variable]
Set objGroup = GetObject("WinNT://" & strComputer & "/Administrators,group")

Set objUser = GetObject("WinNT://" & strComputer & "/" & [user name variable] & ",user")

I also tried with:
Set objUser = GetObject("WinNT://" & strComputer & "/DOMAIN\" & [user name variable] & ",user")

I get a "Exception: Unknown Exception" error every time... I know that this is probably because I'm trying to change a domain account instead of a local account, but I can't find any info on how I would do this for a domain account.  Any suggestions?

And yes, the user executing the script has full administrative privilages  on the target machines.

And yes, I'm kind of new to programming this kind of script, why do you ask?

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Shiju SasidharanAssoc Project ManagerCommented:

Here is a fine source code
hope this will help you

The_Dark_RabbitAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response.  However, the code you pointed me to seems a little inpenetrable to me (as I mentioned, I'm a beginner).  I'm not sure which bits are useful to me.  If someone could help me find the bit I need on that page so that I can find a way to integrate it into my script (which actually does a few other tasks as well), then your link might be useful.  Otherwise, I'm looking for a quick piece of code, not a whole script.


Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

If you're trying to add a Domain User to a Local Security Group then this is probably where it's breaking:

Set objUser = GetObject("WinNT://" & strComputer & "/" & [user name variable] & ",user")

The statement is telling your script to connect to a Local User Account on strComputer - which won't exist.

Instead you would need to do:

Set objUser = GetObject("WinNT://" & strDomain & "/" & strUserName & ", user")

Where strDomain is your NetBIOS Domain Name. You can get that programatically as well:

Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
strDomain = objNetwork.UserDomain


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The_Dark_RabbitAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot, Chris!  That's exactly what I was looking for.  I feel kind of dumb for not figuring that one out, but I am grateful nonetheless.


Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Glad I could help :)

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