Loading the java class dynamically

Let say I have serveral java class:

Class1, Class2, Class3

Then I have a command line program which allow user to input the paramter
java Program Class1

which will then run the following
new Class1()
if the parameter is Class2
new Class2()

How can I write the code such that I can create the class dynamically?
I don't want using the if else case...like..
   new Class1();
else if(arg.equals("Class2"))
   new Class2();
else if(arg.equals("Class3"))
   new Class3();

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You can use for example Class.forName( classNameString ).newInstance();
Object obj = Class.forName(arg).newInstance();
And the passed argument has to be with the full packages path before the class name.

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Just do make sure that you have a default constructer for the Class, default constructur i.e. a no argument constructer, otherwise u'll get an error.
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jabbaaAuthor Commented:
But how about if my constructor have parameter?
e.g . new Class1(arg1, arg2)

It is not possible to call parameterized constructor from Class.forName().  However, you can write a dummy no-arg contructor within the class which would call the parameterized constructor with some default parameters.
or u have to initialise them in your switch statement.

somthing like:-
 Object obj = Class.forName(arg).newInstance();

where CustomObject can be the interface or the class u have created.
You can do it this way:

Class cls = Class.forName(arg);
Object obj = cls.getConstructor(new Class[]{cls}).newInstance(new Object[]{arg1, arg2});
Yeah that can also be one of the better ways to do that :)

Class cls = Class.forName(arg);

Object obj = cls.getConstructor(new Class[]{
           // here put the argument classes, not cls
           String.class,String.class // if arg1 and arg2 are String
         }).newInstance(new Object[]{arg1, arg2});

If you want to call a contructor with int parameters, use Integer
int -> Integer
long -> Long
double -> Double
Jim CakalicSenior Developer/ArchitectCommented:
You also might have a look at the commons.beanutils.ConstructorUtils class. It abstracts away a lot of the noise:

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