Deleting Outbound Emails from Exchange Queue

Hi All,

Got an interesting issue where a user has clogged up our small available bandwidth sending emails with 4mb attachments.  Now in this day in age, it shouldn't really be a huge issue with the abundance of bandwidth, but on this particular site - its a 512/128 connection.  Sucks.  Anyways, the user has sent an email out to roughly 40 people with a 4.5mb attachment.  Now normally it would be quite simple, just go into ESM, browse to the queues, select the mail server its sending to, find the messages and delete them.. right?  Wrong.  Even after all this, the messages seem to appear back in the queues after a period of time - even after you thought you'd deleted it.  Tried this about 6 times now and they still come back.  Nothing is logged in the Event Viewer, everything works ok externally (Albeit Slowly) - its just these messages are sent directly out to the internet, to the recipients mail server.   Does anyone know a surefire way to clear out the outgoing queues so that the messages don't come back?  This is driving me a little batty!

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You can try deleting them directly from the directory "C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\Queue" (assuming you installed exchange in the default path)

This directory will list all messages currently in your queue, sort them by size and you should be able to spot the ones from the mail out.

This may or may not stop them from reappearing but it will at least be quicker than deleting them manually from the ESM queue.

Let me know how you get on,

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You may be seeing bouncing messages in the queues as well - or where remote sites are rejecting the message.
ESM is notorious for not showing the true state of the queues - it can take three or four attempt to clear the queues totally.

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