Serializing Objects in Web Services


I am currently experiencing difficulty when returned an arraylist of objects from a web service. I am calling the web service using the web browser, however the xml returned does not contain all the public properties of the objects.

I am returned an arraylist of Question objects, each with a number of public properties one of which is an arraylist of Selection objects. I thought that the web service would automatically serialize the public properties into XML etc. I've been reading up on XMLSerialization but cant seem to understand it all that well.

Any suggestions on returning the XML I want?



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fevsterAuthor Commented:
I've basically added the XmlInclude attribute to allow the returning of the different objects and added the XmlElement attribute to the arraylist within the question object.

However the Xml being returned is

- <anyType xsi:type="CreditExpertQuestion">
  <Selections />
  <Selections />
  <Selections />

It doensnt seem to be returning any of the public properties. Any ideas?

are your props in Selections read only? i mean, do theyhave both get and set implemented?

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fevsterAuthor Commented:
OMG. I didnt know that one. Just tried it out and it works. Any ideas why they wont output the properties if there readonly? Great answer thanks.
because it has to work both ways
i mean: the serialized data has to be deserialized
and to do that the serializer has to have a way to assign values to properties

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