Port Forwarding - Is there a better way

Hi experts.

I am running sbs server and I have a number of resources that I access remotely.

If I want to access my remote workplace i type the following in my browser         sbs.mydomain.biz
If I want to access my web based helpdesk I type in             helpdesk.mydomain.biz

I am assuming that ISII looks after all this...

If I want clients to access my web enabled hardware for a demo I get them to type in  sbs.mydomain.biz:90 and my router takes care of the NAT and fowards to the local address of the hardware on its active port (80) ...this I understand

But, I want to be able to connect to my web enabled hardware by typing demo.mydomain.biz  to make it easier for clients for a number of reasons not the least of which being that many potential client's IT depatrments dont allow web access on anything but port 80

How can I acheive this?

Thanks in advance.

How do I do this?

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You are correct that IIS or ISA takes care of the distinguishing between the helpdesk and remote web workplace.  It does this using host headers.

You have two options that I can see for accessing your device with out using port 90.  The first is to request a second external IP address from your ISP if you do not already have a second one and configuring your firewall to do NAT (network address translation) for that external IP address to the internal address of the device.  Then update the demo.mydomain.biz dns entry to point to the second external IP address.

The second option is if you are using SBS Premium Edition and have ISA (Internet Security and Acceleration) server installed you should be able to create an additional web publishing rule for the device throught the ISA Management console.  ISA will then use host headers to redirect the traffic for demo.mydomain.biz to the hardware device.


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On your SBS Server, you could create a new website using the same IP address, listening on Port 80, with a host header of demo.mydomain.biz. This could then be set to a redirection URL of sbs.mydomain.biz:90.

When you put in the demo.mydomain.biz URL into a browser, you will be automatically redirected to sbs.mydomain.biz:90. It's not great, as the browser address bar will show sbs.mydomain.biz:90 after the redirection, but at least it's an easier way of typing it in without the need for additional IP addresses or ISA Server.

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