Replacing a Windows 2003 domain controller with a new domain controller

I have two domain controllers SVR-01 and SVR-03 both Windows 2003. I am about the retire SVR-03 and replace it with another new domain controller SVR-04. Currently SVR-03 is also a DNS server.

These are the steps that I am about to perform to retire SVR-03 and make SVR-04 a domain controller. Can somebody confirm the steps and point me at some links to assist:
•      Uninstall DNS service from SVR-03
•      Install DNS service from SVR-04
•      Change SVR-01 to point at the new DNS server svr-04
•      Change all group policies that set DNS for the clients to the new server
•      Use DCPROMO to demote SVR-03 (Any good links that I can follow?)
•      Use DCPROMO to promote SVR-04 (Any good links that I can follow?)

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Michael PfisterCommented:
My 5 cents:

- Check which of your DCs holds which FSMO roles. See for more info
- I wouldn't deinstall DNS on SRV-03. If you're using AD integrated DNS, all records of your SRV-03 will be deleted automatically. Or clean up DNS manually afterwards
- Is SRV-01 a DNS server as well? If not this would be a good opportunity to install a secondary DNS on it
- Reverse the last 2 steps and add a new one:
 * Use DCPROMO to promote SVR-04
  ! Move FSMO roles that SRV-03 holds to SRV-04 or better split FSMO roles between SRV-01 and SRV-04. See for more info
 *Use DCPROMO to denote SVR-03
- DNS settings for the clients can be set by policy but usually get primarily set via DHCP! So check/change here too!
Michael PfisterCommented:
Add'l 5 cents:

If you DNS is not AD integrated,, you need to replicate DNS info from SRV-03 to SRV-04...

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GlennCameronAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the links and info. At present SVR-01 hold all FSMO records and yes it is a DNS server. DNS is intergrated into AD therefore from the information in your posted and the articles, I just have to do the following steps:
 *Use DCPROMO to promote SVR-04
 *Use DCPROMO to denote SVR-03

Currently I dont have to touch the FSMO records because they are all held by SVR-01.

Do you agree?
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GlennCameronAuthor Commented:
How i sync my new dns server into the current dns server? All forward andreverse lookup zones are blank
GlennCameronAuthor Commented:
Forget the last question!!!!

I have successfully promoted SVR-04 and demote SVR-03 and everything went well. I currently have one issue however.
The new server svr-04 is not showing up in DNS under default-first-site-name etc like SVR-03 use to.

DCDIAG also fails with 'Skipping all tests because SVR-04 is not responding to directory service requests' because of the above issue.
GlennCameronAuthor Commented:
Orginal question was answered, I am going to log another question related to the dns problem
Michael PfisterCommented:
Tanx for the points and sorry for not coming back to your question, have been offline...
Michael PfisterCommented:
regarding dns:
check the follwing kb article;en-us;825036

try issuing a

ipconfig /registerdns

on SRV-04.

Hope it helps,

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