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Can someone please tell me what detail the command tracert gives you and what it can help you with ?

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tracert attempts to tell you all of the machines that a data packet you send passes through to get to a certain destination.

You'll at the very least (assuming a given server doesn't respond) find out how many hops (machines) your packet went through to get to a server somewhere on a network or across the internet.

It's a very useful tool for checking connectivity issues. Lets you cut down if the problem could be your machine or the network you're on. For example, you might be wondering why it's so slow trying to connect to certain websites, but not others. The response times given in the results will help you figure that out.

you'll get information including a hop count, response time, IP address and sometime domain name of the server or router that your packet went to

Here's a site you can look at for info on tracert, as well as ping:

Hope this helps.

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