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Stop my name appearing on fax

Posted on 2006-04-27
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-18

I've got a .Net program that sends off emails to people in our company. However some people need to receive this information by fax, so I have a Notes mailbox to which these emails are sent instead.
I then have an Agent on that mailbox that grabs these emails and faxes them on using the fax server on Domino.

This all works fine except for one small thing.
The cover page of the fax has my name as the 'From' item.
This is not good as I get phoned up if there are problems, rather than the helpdesk, or the correct company dept.
I have tried changing the document properties From, Principle & SMTPOrignator to something else and my name still appears.

Having scanned through the document properties on the email that is sent to the fax server my name still appears in $UpdatedBy and $MIMETrack, but I can't change those.

Can anyone help me get rid of my name on these faxes?

Question by:janineo
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Expert Comment

ID: 16551350
Hi Janine,
I haven't ever used Domino Fax but maybe it picks up the username from the "owner" of the mail file that u run the agent on??  ( just takes a second to check it thought it may help ).

Open the mail file in question and select Tools  |  Preferences -- is your name beside "This mail file belongs to"?

Again this could be way off but I didn't see any other responses asyet.  ( some of experts names u see on the left of the screen may sleep afterall ???  ; )
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Accepted Solution

cezarF earned 1600 total points
ID: 16551385
your name appears because you are the signer of the agent or you are using your notes id to send mails. got 2 suggestions

1 quick solution, create an another notes user id file and use it to sign the agent.
2 better solution (IMO), dont "send" emails to your mailbox (yourname.nsf) but "create" them in a mail.box in the server. before saving, change the "From" field to whatever text you wish (even your boss' name). once saved, the router task will automatically send it. let me know if you need the code.
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Assisted Solution

by:Sjef Bosman
Sjef Bosman earned 400 total points
ID: 16551565
Asleep? Not me. Having lunch, okay?  :-))

I'd go for Cesar's option 1, but take the id of the common Helpdesk user. I don't know which Fax Server solution you have, there are several, so you should look into the documentation to find what it uses to base the From-field on. You may have taken the wrong field, it's not Principle but Principal.

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Author Comment

ID: 16551581

Broad - I'm not the owner of the mail file. It's owned by the department that I want the faxes to come from.

cezarF - I think I'm already doing point 2. My name is under the 'Last Modified By' field of the agent, and I'm the signer.
The mailbox the agent is on is called Fax, not my name. Part of the code I use is below:

                               ' Create a new Notes Document, and copy the contents of the email into it
                        Set objFaxDoc = New NotesDocument(db)
                        Call doc.CopyAllItems(objFaxDoc, True)
                        Call agentLog.LogAction("Created new document .")      
                        ' Set the body of the document
                        objFaxDoc.Body = strBody
                        Call agentLog.LogAction("Set Body to " & strBody)
                        ' Set the send to address of the document
                        objFaxDoc.SendTo = strFaxAddress
                        Call agentLog.LogAction("Set SendTo to " & strFaxAddress)
                        'Set the Principal property
                        objFaxDoc.Principal = "CN=Fax Responses"
                        'Set the From property
                        objFaxDoc.From = "CN=Fax Responses"
                        'Set the SMTPOriginator property
                        objFaxDoc.SMTPOriginator = "faxca@xxxx.co.uk"
                        Call objFaxDoc.Save(True,True)
                        ' Send the document
                        Call agentLog.LogAction("Sent document")      

I'm not the Notes administrator, I don't have the powers to create a new user id file.

I'll try and get the administrator to sign the agent and see if that makes a difference.


Author Comment

ID: 16551615
sjef-bosman - Unfortunately I don't know what the fax server is either. I'll see if i can find out from our administrator.  And I spelt Principal wrong in the above text, it's spelt correctly in the code.
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Expert Comment

by:Sjef Bosman
ID: 16551628
So sorry :$

We'll wait for the administrator to sign the agent...
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Expert Comment

ID: 16551673
Hey, I could be really stupid here, but would this be the same as changing the field "Principal"?  which is what is embedded in all the mail file code?

Try changing the field "Principal" to the name you want to use.   In some cases I have also changed, ALTFROM.  But not in FAX, in Notes Mail in general.

I will say excuse me in advance if it doesn't apply.

Author Comment

ID: 16553255

I got someone else to sign the agent and the Fax turned up with their name instead of mine.
So now I need to talk to the notes administrator and see about getting the agent signed by a useful name!

I'm going to split the points as cezerF had the original idea and sjef_bosman suggested using an existing notes user for it.

Many Thanks
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Expert Comment

ID: 16554236
had the same prob before. end up using point 2. my company does not want to pay extra for the person doc to sign the agent.

thanks for the points! :)

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