To view folders (not files) sizewise descending.

I have window professional 2000.

Suppose I am standing at folder d:\abc\xyz

In this folder say there are 100 more folders .

I want to view the folders size wise. Folder having greater disk space first.

Standing at a particular folder , Is it possible to view its folders sizewise descending.

Suppose d:\abc\xyz has a folder bcq, then it should calculate the size of bcq and all of its sub folders.
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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Treesize Pro is the answer I guess.... It wouldn't be impossible to find the total size of each dir & subdirs using dir/s and wrapping that in a FOR loop in a batch file but really... just get Treesize or equivalent!

Hi SandyG,

only files not folders and thats on your right click menu and view - using explorer anywayz

Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
You could do

dir c:\dirname /s | find /I "File(s)" and then the last number shown is the total size of dir & subdirs.
You'd need to repeat this for each directory ...

Treesize is the correct answer, but there is also a free version.

This will enumerate all folders on the selected folder and view them sorted by size.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Used that one too but didn't have a link with me.  Not as 'nice' as Treesize but does the job.
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