FSMO Role transfer

So what is going to go wrong really

I have a 2000 server that I want to decommision and a new 2003 server. the domain is all configured ok, new server doing dns wins dhcp, all ok, replication is good, just need to transfer the roles and dcpromo the old box out.

I have worked out how to do this but am skeptical about MS software getting it right as I have never done this before and just wonderred if any experienced MS engineers could advise on possible pitfalls or known failures.

Or am I just being to cautious and in general this role transgerring is trouble free.

Your thoughts appreciated.

Kind Regards
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Hi JoCox99,

as long asyou follow this youwill be fine



only time it risky is if you allow dcpromo to automatically move them. do the above and u will be sweet
Install the second server, add AD onto it.

Now you have 2 servers with AD on them

Dcpromo the old server to remove AD from it. IT will transfer the roles to the new server. do NOT choose "this is the last server"

sorry bilbus but i will butt in again here

dont ever allow dcpromo to transfer the roles, it is documented with MS that this has faults and often does not do the job properly

use ntdsutil for a clean transfer NOT dcpromo
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