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Im using Visual Studio 2003 .NET and ADO.NET to connect to an Oracle 10g database.  Im making use of the Oracle .NET provider.  I will be making several calls to the same Oracle dbase so figured I should leave "open" the connection to make all subsequent query requests.  One thing I';ve been strugling with in .NET is .ExecuteRead() requests failing due to "connection is already open".  Normally i have to close the current connection, create a brand new Connection and Command object then make the new SQL query.  This just seems so inefficent and slow.  Is it possible to leave open the connection to make subsequent query calls with little overhead and speed reduction or is it a requirement to create a new connection and object in .NET?

Can u please provide me with a sample C# conenction to the Oracle .NET Provider to achieve this.

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Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
You shouldn't need to create a new connection. Simply calling the Close() method on the connection when you are finished with it should be enough. It will then be closed ready to be reused in a subsequent call.

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a Connection can be opened, used, then closed as many times as required, without needing to destroy the connection, and then create a New one.  Once a Connection has been closed, you can have your code OPEN it again, when it is needed.


I would not leave a connection open to the database.  Most db providers have built in connection pooling so feel free to open/close as often as you need without hurting performance.  I am a SQL Server guy and I know it does pooling without a special connection string (there are strings that let you have custom pooling settings) but I cant say the same for oracle.

Just think if this was an application you wouldnt be able to leave a connection open if you wanted because its stateless.

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