removing exchange 2003 from a cluster

I am trying to remove exchange 2003 sp1 from a cluster (not the last exchange server in the organisation, just a normal exchange server - not bridgehead)  I managed to remove one half of the cluster fine.  Go onto the second half of the cluster and try to remove it and it tells me that cant do it because the cluster resource is in use; fantastic so I go and stop the System Attendant and try to remove the virtual cluster name and I get this error

Setup encourntered an error while checking prerequisites for the component "Micrsoft Exchange Server": 0x80072030(8240) There is no such object on the server.

Facility: Microsoft Exchange Cluster Administrator Extension
ID no: c103fc97
Microsoft Exchange Cluster Administrator Extension
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Assuming you're trying to keep the cluster itself in production, the easiest thing to do would be to manually remove the associated Exchange Cluster Resources and then just follow this article on NODE2 to do a manual uninstall of the remaining Exchange Server 2003 components.

The original uninstall should have removed the Exchange Server from the Organization, but if not that can be cleaned up using ADSI Edit.

Really, you just need to clean remove the associated Services and clean up IIS since you have other Exchange Servers in the organization.
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