Create an own Soft input panel


I wan't to create an own soft input panel.
After searching the web i've found that you need to do it bij native C++ code. I't works fine for pocket pc 2002/2003.
Now I wan't to target windows mobile 5.0 CF2.0 but this seems to be a different story.
Can anybody help me to build a SIP and with what program?

Grtz Annihil8
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If you have built the SIP for 2002/2003 the the same SIP should work in WM5.

All SIP are created in eVC (embedded VC), samples are provided with the SDK.
All you have to do is change the skin image and and set your key mapping.

Its not difficult with the basic VC experience.

Hope this sheds some light

annihil8Author Commented:

By the provided samples you mean SampleIM? It seems that it works only one time on the PocketPC. I can Select it from the SIPlist, It opens
the three buttons but when I choose to close it or select another none of the SIP's do work anymore. I thought first it was a WM5.0 error, but because i've got the same problem on PocketPC 2003  I think that it is a kind of code problem.

Do you have any idea why the sample doesn't work?


Hi Annihil8

This definitely is a bug, be assured the SIP works, just not the sample :-\
No this is not the sample I'm talking about. Microsoft in their great wisdom decided not to supply all samples with each platform SDK so check the others (i.e. PocketPC 2000, 2002, 2003).

Here's a excert from a book published on MS, I haven't read this article but it look like what your after.
Also don't forget to check the other SDK's, be assured there is a comprehensive sample which requires little work to get going.
Unfortunately I haven't the other SDK installed at the moment so its a little hard to tell you which SDK.


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