How to write script to use Adobe Acrobat Distiler or PDFwriter

Is there a way to setup and script so that the destination and file name of the PDF is automatic and the user can not change it via Adobe Acrobat Distiller or PDFwriter?
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Not that I know of (that would be modifying the behaviour of Adobe from the inside).  Can you explain a little more about what you are trying to do?

For example, if you want to automate the PDF creation of all MSWord documents in a directory, this can be scripted to automatically occur with your defined filenames.

If you want the user to open a MSWord document and then restrict what they can save it as when they create a PDF file, I think you are out of luck (certainly if using the Adobe suite).

There are a number of options to creating a PDF file (such as pdf995) that you can also script - significantly cheaper solution...
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please delete this question
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