Crystal reports and TM-T88iii Thermal Receipt printers

I have an application that I want to print out a customer receipt on a 3 inch thermal receipt printer.  (the kind of printer you see in retail outlets).

I have not purchased the printer yet, but am told the TM-T88 is a good printer.   Has anyone used crystal reports to print to these type of printers?

I want to print a list of the items the customer purchased, my logo, and a message at the bottom.

Thanks for any help on this.

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I have used Zebra Thermal printers with Crystal.  The paper is perferrated and on a roll, but for labels not receipts.  I cannot imagine that it would be any different, though.  We print logos and items, etc.  If the printer comes with windows drivers, crystal should have no problem printing to it.
geedub1961Author Commented:
Thanks for the input.  

So - once this type of printer is installed, does it work pretty much like any other printer, with the exception that you print continuosly on 3 inch wide paper?
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