GridView, FormView Edit/update feature not giving new vaules

I am using ASP.NET 2.0 for this.
I have a gridview that loads information from a datatable.
this datatable gets its data from reading an xml file(stream)
The gridview loads the information just fine. The edit button works, And when clicking edit, all values turn to textboxes for editing. Great.
When i click update, I get nothing back.
With a gridview, your supposed to get a dictionary with the old values, and the new values.
e.NewValues and e.OldValues.
But, the count is always 0, the values are always null.
Nothing is comming back.
So I've decided to use a formview.
I really need to use the formview anyways for custom display.
When using the formview, I have the same problem.
I even decided I would use the FindControl method to just get the value of the textbox
This is passing the oldvalues always, not the new.
This is a problem with databinding I am sure.
If anyone can help please let me know.
I can post code if requested.
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in GridView, are your sure that your UPDATE is enables and correct?

bugnukerAuthor Commented:
yes. i am sure.
i decided to screw it all and did some crappy code to make a formview work.
i have it working now and dont feel like changing it to the right way if it will ever work.
someone told me its becuase i am not using a real datasource (like sql) or somethign, i am using a dataset thats reading an xml file
dunno why that would be the problem but whatever.
thanks for the effort.
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bugnukerAuthor Commented:
in sql,
See this very greate, fast and easy tutorial!

Video - Developing ASP.NET 2.0 Applications using "Atlas"
by Scott Guthrie, General Manager, .NET Development Platform
Page: // the page
To download:
bugnukerAuthor Commented:
On April 27th, 2006, I posted ADMINS: PAQ AWNSERED.
Meaning, this queston was figured out by me.
So you can close this one, and call is a PAQ.
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