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Urgent - How to use Alphabetical anchor tags to search in the database in an asp.net application with vb.net coding?

I have a search form which will have alphabetical listing in the main form.

When the user clicks on a specific alphabet it should search in the database for that particular alphabet and brings the results as a datagrid of the lastnames which will starts with that alphabet and should display as a separate page.

How can I accomplish this task?

Mine is a ASP.net application and I am using VB.net for my coding.  Please help
1 Solution
Your alphabetic link should open a new window passing the indicated letter in either the query string or hiding it in the form and use a parent / child relationship (probably not the right terminology) to access the variable. In this window will be a page that you create that queries the database and binds the results to the dataset.

Your links should look something like this:
 <a href="myResultspage.aspx?LetterId=a" target=_blank>A</a>
 <a href="myResultspage.aspx?LetterId=b" target=_blank>B</a>
 <a href="myResultspage.aspx?LetterId=c" target=_blank>C</a>
 <a href="myResultspage.aspx?LetterId=d" target=_blank>D</a>

MyResults should do something like this:

  Dim lastInitial as string
     lastInitial = Request.QueryString("LetterId")
     dim sSql as string = "SELECT LastName FROM myTable WHERE LastName LIKE '" & lastInitial & "%'"

     dim myConnection as new SqlConnection (connectionString)
     dim myCommand as new SqlCommand(sSql, myConnection)

     dim myReader as SqlDataReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader()

    myDataGrid.DataSource = myReader
    ' this try catch block will catch problems with the database connections
    ' you should put in logic to make sure the data in the query string is what you are expecting
  end try
amruthanetAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  It is working fine.

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