i need to have one menu scroll out while the other scrolls in

now heres the problem!

i have a movie with 5 menus. what i want is when i press the button for example products the home  page/area tweeds out while the products page tweeds in.

i know this has to do with if statements and so on but i keep screwing it up. can somone please give me a play by play as to how this works.
thx alot!
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MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
Let me give you a verbal setup...

I'll be general so as to display the basic story:

Create a movie clip and put a rectangle in it. This will be your "frame" (we'll use a frame as a point of reference).

Create another movie clp. Put the "frame" movie clip you just created inside.

Create a tween of the "frame" movieclip sliding all the way to the left (from the center point). Put a stop(); at frame 1 of that tween. Go to frame2 and give it a frame label of "out".

Copy all of the frames from your animation.

Paste all the frames you just copied to the right of the frames you already have there.

Select the frames you just pasted. Right click and select Reverse frames. Put a      stop();    on the last frame of the reversed frames.

Now you have a slide out and slide in animation.

Go back to the main stage.

Put the movie clip on the stage so that when we invoke the proper code the "frame movie clip" will slide out of view. name the instance "menu_mc".

Put a button on the stage

name the instance "b1"

Use code like this on the main stage (not on the movie or the button):


That should give you a slide out and back in animation.

Now, use any load method (loadMovie, attachMovie, etc.. ) to load one of your movies inside the menu you just created. You can start that process by creating a new mc for each of your screens. Give the mc a linkage name (right click in the library and export for AS). One called "home", "portfolio" etc...

That way, on each button all you have to change is which mc you will load into the menu_mc that is already there.

Now, I typed all this from my head, so we may have to go back here and there, but it sounds like you have enough experience to figure this out. :)



MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
it would be very helpful to view your fla for this..

are you tweening up? down? sideways? It may not require IF statements, it all depends on how you want it to run.
EaddyAuthor Commented:
Hi Montoya
thats a really good idea but you see the thing is each menu/section has its own look.
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MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
well, that's fine, but to answer at this point, it would help me to see what we're talking about :-)

EaddyAuthor Commented:
ok i got throw with the problem but can speak you again about some flash stuff?
MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
Any time. :)

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