WinMail.dat Again!!!!!

Hi All, I know that this topic has been covered again and again, but I think I have a new issue.

One of my clients uses a bit of software that sends emails with a pdf attachments through Outlook.  When people open these emails the pdf attachement has gone and is replaced with a winmail.dat file (except if they are using Outlook).

All the outlook clients are set to send emails in plain text and when you check these emails in the sent folder that still say that they are in plain text.

So why are they getting the winmail.dat attachements.

All machines are using Outlook 2003 through an exchange server.

Thanks in advance!

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The following mean that Rich Text is being added to this message some how:


TNEF is Outlook Rich Text, which most other email clients don't support.  Either that program that generates the email through Outlook is adding the Rich Text, or maybe something else is.  Is "Use Microsoft Word to edit emails" checked in Tools, Options, Mail Format tab?  If so, uncheck it and also, make sure the mail format is really set to either HTML or Plain Text.  I'd set it to HTML.  Then try sending through your other program again.

But as long as there is Rich Text in the message, you are going to have problems with other clients receiving from you.

Hope that helps.

Greetings, Eden-IT !
>>One of my clients uses a bit of software that sends emails with a pdf
>>attachments through Outlook.

Check if the "bit of software" is sending in Plain Text format.

Best wishes!
Can you right click one of the received messages and click Options.  Then copy the header information and paste it here for us to see?  Don't do this on the machine that is sending.  This needs to be done in Outlook on a machine that has received it.  Thanks.

Eden-ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks so far for answers but in response to the two above:
1. The "bit of software" doesn't actualy send the emails, it uses outlook to send the email, it just parses the email address and a pdf into an outlook email.  Looking at the email in the outlook sent folder it does say the email is in plain text.
2. There isn't a problem when receiving the email in outlook but I have included the header anyway, the problem shows it self in things like hotmail.

Thanks again!

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