Sync'ing two directories

I have two directories (‘ITHomeTest’ and ‘ITHome’) under D:\www\Inetpub\.  What I want to do is making to directories in sync.   Whenever there are changes on ‘ITHomeTest’, ‘ITHome’ needs to have all of the contents (files, gifs, folders, etc) copied from ‘ITHomeTest’.   Is there a way to do that?  
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Hi dooleydog,

Microsoft's Sync Tool (aka Sync Toy) is designed for Windows XP only...  If this is an XP machine, you can download here:

If you want a low-cost solution try vice versa pro from

use a new tool from MS called SyncTool

find it and download it, it can sync as well as many other types of procedures.

Good Luck,
BTW, it will work on a server, between servers on a network (or workstations) and with USB drives.

It is WAY COOL!!!

Good Luck,
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