VB.Net file not found exception error.

when using the function below, on certain files, it will puke with an exception error saying file not found.  any ideas.

        Dim Size As Long = 0
        ' Add file sizes.
        Dim fis As FileInfo() = d.GetFiles()
        Dim fi As FileInfo
        Dim con As Console

        For Each fi In fis
                Size += fi.Length
            Catch er As Exception

            End Try

        Next fi

        ' Add subdirectory sizes.
        Dim dis As DirectoryInfo() = d.GetDirectories()
        Dim di As DirectoryInfo
        For Each di In dis
            Size += DirSize(di)
        Next di

        Return Size
    End Function 'DirSize
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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
You are making a recursive call to DirSize()....I think...

Can you show us the declaration for DirSize as well?

    Public Function DirSize(....?
beaconlightboyAuthor Commented:
yes.  its public function dirsize(byval d as directoryinfo) as long

Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
I did my entire C: drive (took quite ahwhile...) with no errors.   =\

It came back with: 69921964800


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You may want to check the security settings of the files that are failing. If for instance you are not a local administrator of the machine and you are trying to access 'C:\Documents and Settings\SomeOtherUser' you may run into issues.

I hope this helps :)
I agree with pitster. It should be related to file permissions. Moreover, I suggest you turn off "Simple File Sharing" folder option.
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