PIX to PIX point to point VPN lockdown / limit traffic

Hi:  have two Pix with point to point VPN working fine.  On the "master" pix, would like to limit the access from/to the remote pix.  Here are some of the network layouts.

remote pix internal Net:
master pix internal net:

Now, here are the crypto setups

crypto map 0-Outside_map 299 match address 0-Outside_cryptomap_Store299
crypto map 0-Outside_map 299 set peer

crypto dynamic-map 0-Outside_dyn_map 299 match address 0-Outside_cryptomap_dyn_Store299

access-list 0-Outside_cryptomap_Store299 extended permit ip

access-list 0-Outside_cryptomap_dyn_Store299 extended permit ip
access-list 0-Outside_cryptomap_dyn_Store299 extended permit ip


So I then tried to lock down the traffic by using ACLs on the outside interface of the master.

access-list 0-Outside_access_in remark Store to testhost only test
access-list 0-Outside_access_in extended permit ip host testhost


But, the traffic is still going from the remote to the entire 172.17

Since this is the first time I have been deliving into VPNs this deeply, here are a couple of questions.

1) how to limit traffic from a remote VPN using point to point VPN?
2) what is the difference between crypto map and crypto dynamic-map?
3) how to limit traffic from the master to the remote vpn?

Thanks in advance.
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ort11Author Commented:
Ok, in the asdm, it is the filter option on the group policy.  Seems to work fine, except that for outgoing sessions, if there is not an acl allowing for incoming from the remote, it seems not to allow traffic back from master to remote, like ESTABLISHED is not working (which I thought was the default for PIX ACLs)?  

Is this the case for PIX and VPNs?  Here are the acls so far...

1 access-list Store-VPN-ACL extended permit icmp
2 access-list Store-VPN-ACL extended permit icmp
3 access-list Store-VPN-ACL extended permit ip host
4 access-list Store-VPN-ACL extended permit ip

Please note the 3rd ACL.  Even though ACL 4 is in place, traffic from does not get back from 192.168.100.x unless it is done from .33?

Any help would be apprecaited on this one.
ort11Author Commented:
Ok, answering my own question, in the VPN filter in the GUI, you will have to specify the outgoing destination ports and the incomming source ports.  That did the trick.  Moderator, you can close the call.
Because you have presented a solution to your own problem which may be helpful to future searches, this question is now PAQed and your points have been refunded.


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