Pro Tools LE audio program not recording after upgrade

Client upgraded computer, had Pro Tools LE 6.1.1 on the old one.

So the new computer crashes with this software, gives a 0x00000FC error.
We scratch our heads and find an upgrade to 6.4 on the
manufacturer website. This solves XP SP2 compatibility, and the program starts
fine now.

The client says it's a bit different looking than 6.1.1.  There's no info for users
that upgrade of course. We try to record, but can't. We try to play back, but can't
(opens old projects just fine, but the play button doesn't work. :o )

When we click the enable track for record, it starts to BLINK when it should light up.
So what is wrong? Any connaisseurs of this program?  Thanks!
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There is yet another update for XP SP2 users:
That could be the solution to your dilemma.
ZaSSeRAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but it was just cs9 we downloaded. :I
Do you see any related errors in the event log?
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ZaSSeRAuthor Commented:
Have to check. The program is not crashing any more, it's just it's not recording either. :I
Have you been able to record to PT at all the the new computer?  Can you record, using the hardware you want to use in PT, in any other program?  Are there any hardware conflicts in device manager?  Silly question perhaps, but have youi checked all the settings in PT that have to do with the sound input interface?

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ZaSSeRAuthor Commented:
It turns out that the computer has an Athlon X2 dual core processor, and dual core support was only added in PT7.
So any updates to the 6 wouldn't help.

After a paid upgrade to version 7 the problem was solved. Just silly that the manufacturer doesn't say this more clearly,
and silly that their otherwise perfectly fine version 6 would not work on most new computers. Oh well, that's IT..

Thanks for both of your efforts.
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