Exchange 2003 public folders.

We have exchange installed on our 2003 SBS Server. The only reason we want to use exchange locally is to use the public calendar. We use our ISP for POP3 Email and that’s how we have outlook setup to send and receive email using the pop3 account. I do not want to add a second exchange account to the outlook software because it creates a second inbox within exchange. Adding an exchange account in the past created problems because the mail gets bounced because it goes through the exchanged account.

Beside the web access, is there any other way of accessing the public folder without adding an exchange mail account in outlook.
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you sound like a compelling case to begin using exchange to it's full potential. You've paid for it.

SBS will collect your email from a pop server if you do not want to use your server as a inbound SMTP server.  Sending mail can easily be configured, exchange will send them directly or via ISP provided server.

Sorry I cannot directly answer your question.  Indeed connecting to a public calendar can only be achieved by outlook to exchange or OWA.
You probably really should use exchange as carl said you have paid for it, exchange can do exactly what you are looking to do with pop accounts and also you get the benefit of having your email all stored on the server rather than in pst files. You also can share inboxs calenders do meetings and get access to owa / oma.

Lots of features that make using exchange very worth while, also seeing as you have sbs setting it up with pop accounts is real easy.

Let us know if you would like to proceed with this stuff and we will talk you through it.

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
An alternative view you may want to consider is using the calendar system within Sharepoint (http://companyweb) which you get as part of SBS2003.
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