After burning DVD+RW disk, it shows zero byte files

I burned DVD+RW disk few days back. Today, when I tried to view the content of that disk, it shows me few files with zero byte size. I do not understand why?
Did anything go wrong?

I tried to import a session, it gives an error.

Any opinions?

Thanks in advance
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nobusbiljart fanCommented:
for recovery, try this : Isobuster               free

if those do not show your data, you did not burn the data on the disk; maybe you only copied the shortcut, or Fat entry for the files
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
did you try to read the dvd on the same drive you made it? if yes, also try on other drives/PC's
what files did you burn? sound , music, data ?
can you redo the burn?
chinawalAuthor Commented:
I tried it on 2-3 other PCs. No luck. It was data dvd. I had deleted the content after burng the DVD. So I can not redo the burn. My only conern is how to get the data from dvd somehow.
I copied the dvd disc as image file and tried burning again. But still the files show with zero bytes.
chinawalAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Nobus. These tools show few files that I can not see in windows explorer.
But still, I can not see all the files that I burned. When I ran CDCheck tool, it gave me few errors.. cyclic redundency etc. So it seems it is a problem of my DVD RW disk? The disk does not have any scratches and I had kept it well in my CD wallet. So was that a prolem with software I used for buring - Easy CD creater?
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
probably - or a problem with the burner.
You can try Nero, or try to burn the file on another PC, or on another burner
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