listen on port 1080

I have apache running on a solaris 9 server, also have sun calendar running on it, the calendar is using port 80 for web access to calendars so I had to change the apache
server to listen on port 1080. I added a seconed ip address and gave that IP address a name in the host file, then added a Address record in DNS for that name and IP address.

I can get to the apache home page by going to   but want it to go by not putting in the port :1080

is there a way to create a alieas in DNS to map  to or do it in apache config?


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this is not an DNS issue, you need a proxy or firwall for that
but if you already have a new IP, why do you need 1080 then?
bt707Author Commented:
I have Sun Iplanet Calendar running on port 80 and Apache running on port 1080

I have 2 ip's for 1 nic card

host file looks like this       localhost  calendar   loghost       loghost

in dns I have a Address record for each

Problem is if I use a browser and put in:  it takes me to the Calendar login page which is correct.

If I put in  it also takes me to the Calendar login page whic is NOT correct.

If I put in   then it takes me to the Apache home page.

I must not have something set correct here, but not seeing it.


bt707Author Commented:
only thing I can see here is that may I have to have two seperate nic cards to do this with, but seems like I could do this somehow with only one?
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aha, I understand,
your calender web server probably listens on all interfaces, you can test with
  netstat -an
you need to configure your calender server so that it listens on one IP only
> .. may I have to have two seperate nic cards to do this with ..
no, you can use one NIC with multiple IPs
bt707Author Commented:

the calendar is only listing on port 80
calendar config:
service.http.port = "80"

I also tested by downing the calendar then going to   # with calendar down I get connection refused with this, with calendar up I get the calendar page with this # with this I can get to the page any time.

I just can't make it go to without putting a port with it and the calendar will not work if anything is bound and listing on port 80

seems like I need to change something in the apache.conf but it I let it listen to everything or 80 then it kills the calendar.
bt707Author Commented:
I just want to be able to give the apache servers page a address easy for the users, like and they can remember that and get to it
that way, don't want to have to put a port on the address, but that does work.
sorry, don't have a calender config handy, but ther must be somthing like
you have to set it to one IP, if it is unset the server uses all IP (

After changeing that, restart the server. then netstat should show somthing like
  ...   80   LISTEN
then you can configure apache to listen on port 80
after restart proofe again with netstat

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bt707Author Commented:
Thanks ahoffmann,

That was correct, I just couldn't find it, after reading your post I went back and dug back into it and found the setting you said to look for.

on the Sun calendar it was:

service.listenaddr = "INADDR_ANY"  # so changed it from defaut "ANY" and put in my first address and now both services are listing on port 80.


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