guide to dyndns

Hello again

i try to play around with

created a and downloaded the client update tool software.

checked all the settings and seems allright.

but only problem is, i cant access it in browser and visitors also unable to view it.

is there anything i miss out here ? do i need additional software to recognize the dyndns address ?  

Thank you.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
The following is a copy of a post I did a while back regarding dyndns. It may be helpful. You can download and use the client as you have done, but if you have a router capable of supporting DDNS services it is the better way to go.

DDNS, and static IP's: In case you are not familiar with DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service), they are free services that give you a name like and they track your dynamic IP. You either have to configure the router for the service, or download a little piece of software for your computer, and it advises the DDNS service of any changes to your dynamic IP. The recommended method is using the router, otherwise the computer with the installed software has to be left on. Now whenever you enter, the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name), it directs you to your WAN IP or the router. There are numerous free services available;,, and, to name a few. I prefer You need to contact the service provider such as and set up a free account, and a host name/Dynamic DNS service for your IP. You can have 5 IP's with a free account. Once done you will have a host name like, a user name, and a password. Enter these in the router's DDNS page.

Note: There is a catch with the free service and possibly some of the others. If the IP doesn't change for 35 days, it needs to be manually updated, otherwise your account is considered dormant and the Host name, not your account, will be dropped. They usually send you a warning a few days in advance. If the service works for you, I would recommend paying the $9.95 a year that overrides the 35 day limit. It also allows you to list 20 IP's with a paid account.

Specific instructions for;
After you create an new user account with ,  log in and at the top of the page click on 'Account' and then middle of the page choose 'My services'. Near the bottom of the page you will see Host Level Services. If you haven't done so you will need to set up a domain name. I would recommend starting with a fresh one regardless. Do so by clicking "Add host service", then "Add Dynamic DNS Host". Now fill in a Host name of your choosing like "myname" and choose a suffix like "" (any one in the list will do). Your current IP, if you are connecting from the site where you will be using this, will be displayed in the next box. If not, change it to the current IP.  If you don't know it you can find by going to  Now click "Add Host". Leave Wildcards and Mail fields empty.

Now in your router set up (my recommendation), or in your DDNS software application enter your hostname, or what ever you choose, your password and choose the service, dyndns if asked and you are done. Make sure you only use one, the router or the application, not a good idea to use both.

Now to test. You know how to find your IP by going to so verify that. Now at a command prompt (DOS window) enter nslookup  (substitute your domain name) and it should resolve/return the proper WAN IP you located above.

ilovekeatAuthor Commented:
hello Robwill,

Whatever is written on your answers, i followed exactly and checked thoroughly many times.

i still unable to view my own dns site.

my router dlink DI-604 does support DDNS and i typed in the required info as in dyndns account settings.

i ping in cmd with nslookup, yes, it does show the same ip address of my current connection.

Somehow, i still unable to view.

unless i have to install those 3rd party software...which i tested, it was good.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
If nslookup works then your dyndns service is working properly.

What do you mean by "i still unable to view my own dns site." ? Do you mean you are hosting a website or some other service? If so you also need to forward the appropriate ports on the router to the computer/server you want your users to connect to. Specific instructions for that and your router can be found at:
On that page click on the link for the service you are offering. For example if a web site click on HTTP.

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks ilovekeat,
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