Mirror Cleaning on HP LJ4200?

We have is two HP LaserJet 4200 printers doing the same thing, they leave a faded pattern of stripes down the page, top to bottom, we have tried different toner cartridges, swapped the fusers from one to the other, and the pattern of the stripes didn’t follow the fusers or the toner carts, we think the mirror in the laser assembly may be dirty, is there a reliable way to clean the mirror?
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Cleaning a laser unit is not a simple job.
Often they are sealed, but the output slit glass may become dirty, and cleaning that may be all you need to do.
Use a lint free cloth and wipe the slit glass (glass covered aperture full width of the printer, above the drum unit).
Stripping and cleaning a laser unit is not a job for ana amateur, and some are impossible to dismantle.
Another cause can be the charge roller being fouled.
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