Cannot mail-enable public folders in Exchange 2000

When i try to view public folders properties in Exchange system administrator after mail enable the folder i receive an error with the code c1038a21.

I have found several threads here in experts-exchange regarding this problem, most of them propose to follow the microsoft knowledge base article n. 328740 :

Please, have you read this article????? Believe me, im used to solve problems with knowledge base articles, but THIS ONE, i dont understand how to do things. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MDBVu32 APLICATION??? HOW DOES IT WORK??? WHAT IS ldp.exe??? WHRE DO I GET IT FROM ???

I am very frustated because i don't know how to follow the steps indicated. Please i need more help on how to use that MDB... aplication to do what i am asked to do, a step by step help.

First of all, i would like someone to confirm that this is going to solve my problem, all i need is to configure mail addresses to public folders.

By the way, ive seen some other threads where old 5.5 versions of Exchange were causing the problem. 5.5 is not my case, never had one 5.5 in my domain.

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rakeshmiglaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ldp.exe is a support tool that is installed when you install the windows support tools. if the support tools are installed then type ldp in the run box and hit enter... it will open the ldp console

How to Use Ldp.exe to View Entire Directory Tree and Locate the Microsoft Exchange Container

Using Ldp.exe to Find Data in the Active Directory

regarding mdbvue.exe, when you download the application from the link provided in the kb and extract it, it has a document which has screenshots on how you can use it
llandajuelaAuthor Commented:
Just to clarify, i CAN mail-enable the folders, the error pops up when i try to view its properties.

Thanks again
llandajuelaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, rakeshmiglani,

Im near to suicide with this issue.

I CANNOT understand this article!!!!! NO i am not able to understand how to manage that horrible thing called mdbvue.exe. Im sorry but i cant.

The article says in its point 2: If the PR_PF_PROXY property is not in the list of properties, it is not populated on that folder in the store.

And to that, i have to say: SO WHAT?? WHAT IF ITS NOT THERE ??? because there is no way i cand find a word similar to PR_PF_PROXY in that horrible application.

Please, what do i have to do to solve my problem? Any help?

Thanks again, don't give up with me, please
llandajuelaAuthor Commented:
I finally solved the problem applying the las rollup update from microsoft.

Thank you anyway
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